System Support

Evaluation of alternative & feasible passive subsystem solutions for overall system applications
Accurate prediction of electrical performances, estimation of size, mass and costs.


Advanced Subsystem & com­ponent designs according to given specifications so­lutions com­promizing per­for­mance, structure com­plexity & prefered pro­duction methods.
Recent developments for flexible payloads.

Technology & Production Issues

Support of new product introduction (NPI)
Advice for suitable technologies and their implementation
Assessment & optimization of manufacturing and testing flow -> overall low product costs.


µWaves are our business | Waves are our business | Mician

Mician develops and markets software products such as µWave Wizard - an em simulation tool based on mode matching, boundary contour mode-matching and 3D FEM for the designing of waveguide filters supported by an inbuilt filter synthesis and filter optimization or horn antennas and even of entire antenna feed networks.

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