Solutions for Re-Configurable Satellite Payloads

Features of the remote controlled output multiplexers (OMUX, DEMUX) and filters:

  • flexible re-setting capability of center frequencies and bandwidths
  • filter performance comparable to state-of-the-art OMUX filters
  • realization with high Q – dual-mode cavities
  • compact size / low mass
  • only two actuator drives per filter
  • high reliability
  • re-configurable filter solutions for narrow- and broad band requirements



Advantages of the solution:

  • variable reallocation of transmission capacity to different services 
  • compatible to existing and established transmission standards to re-use available subscriber equipment on ground 
  • no investment on new equipment necessary 
  • short term development and qualification for assigned applications 
  • immediately available re-configurable DEMUX equipment 
  • very Iow DC power consumption (only during actuation for re-setting)